Launchers vs Shaheen again

Launchers Vs Shaheen


Launchers is playing Shaheen again tomorrow.
Let’s see if we can win this time.

Update 10/30/2017
We ended up not playing because of the cold weather.

New website again!

I setup this new website tonight.

I hope this will serve as a more permanent website, and it is easier to use, to add posts.

I hope you like my new website.


Launchers gets a win!

Launchers made 118 runs in both matches, batted first.

We won two of the three matches, and we did not play the third match because we won the series with two match wins.

It was fun to play, and I took three wickets in each match.

I hope to play against the West Lake team again.

Azadi cup 2017 final update

Kashmiri XI made 106 to win, and Kashmiri Lions made it. It was 5 runs on two balls, they hit a four, and took a single on the last ball. It was 1 run in 1 ball remaining, and they made it. Congrats to Kashmiri Lions. Can’t wait till the next tournament.

Launchers made 69 to win I think, vs Kashmiri Lions, but we were unable to make a good target for them, so we lost. They made it within 4-5 overs. It was a nice try by the Launchers, better luck next time. Well played Kashmiri Lions.
Tonight there is umadbro vs Kashmiri XI
Then there is Kashmiri Lions vs Shaheen

Launchers played Kashmiri XI, we made 55 or so runs.
Kashmiri made them within 4 overs or so.
Our next match is vs Kashmiri Lions on Friday night
We made the quarter finals, even though we lost 2 matches