One more match for Warriors

Ramadan cricket tournament 2018

So tomorrow Warriors plays Peshawar Zalmi.

This should be an interesting game.

Also, I used to play for Launchers and now I play for Warriors.
Launchers, made this team, Warriors.
Some people from Launchers went over to Warriors, and there are new players as well.

Also, if Warriors loses this match then I don’t think we’ll proceed to the next round of matches.
We lost both of the matches we played last Friday.
They were really close matches though.

Ramadan tournament 2018 starting this Friday

Ramadan cricket tournament 2018

Hi all,

It’s the time of the year for the Ramadan tournament.
It’s set to start this Friday.

Let’s hope for some good matches, and fun.

Group A
1 KASHMIR united
3 Shaheen
4 Pak Zalmi

Group B
1 Launchers
2 Warriors
3 Peshwar zalmi
4 U Mad Bro

Soon, the schedule will be posted.
I’ll update this then.

Basant tournament 2018 winner

basant cricket tournament 2018


Shaheen won the tournament.
It seems they had made 154, and Dabung made 140 or so, and they could not chase the full target.

So congrats Shaheen!

Launchers out of the Basant tournament 2018

basant cricket tournament 2018

We lost both our first matches, vs Shaheen, and vs Kashmiri Lions ( Kashmiri united ).
We lost the elemination match vs Kashmiri XI.

So now we are out of the tournament, and we can’t wait till the next tournament, we will come out better.


Next tournament is the Ramadan tournament.

Basant tournament 2018

basant cricket tournament 2018

Hello all,

The basant tournament started yesterday.
Launchers has two matches tonight, first vs Shaheen, then Kashmiri Lions.

I am really excited!

Let’s do this.

Launchers finally wins against Kashmiri Lions

Winter super 8 cricket tournament

Launchers won vs Kashmiri Lions

Kashmiri Lions made 62 to win.
We bowled first, our bowlers did a great job.
I batted well thank God.
Asif Hasan batted well as well.
A few of our ballers got the important wickets and continued to get wickets till the end.

First two winter super 8 tournament matches

Winter super 8 cricket tournament

Update 11/12/2017

Launchers vs Shaheen – Shaheen won
Launchers vs umadbro – Umadbro won
Shaheen vs Kashmiri Lions – Shaheen won
Kashmiri Lions vs Umadbro – Umadbro won

Next I think Launchers plays Kashmiri Lions

We lost both the matches.
Both teams we played batted first, and made over 100 runs in 8 overs.
We were unable to chase the totals.

Update 11/09/2017
We did not play the tournament matches last Friday.
They have been rescheduled for tomorrow, same matches.

Launchers is playing two matches this Friday.
Starting with versus Shaheen.
Then, versus u mad bro.

These should be two interesting matches.

Launchers vs Shaheen again

Launchers Vs Shaheen


Launchers is playing Shaheen again tomorrow.
Let’s see if we can win this time.

Update 10/30/2017
We ended up not playing because of the cold weather.