Azadi cup 2016 winners

Hello everyone,

Launchers lost the semi final vs Halal Angaray.

It was a good match, a close one.

I was bowling my 2nd over when we lost the match. I bowled a wide, and Minhaj at the back end could not stop the ball from going to the boundary line, and it was four runs.

I was just trying to get the wicket, but unfortunately a couple of wides cost us the match.

We tried our best.

Although our team was made up of hardly all the players that we wanted. We had two fielders that were from another team.

One other person was substituting for us.

So this is why we lost.

Then there was a big argument over a six and a catch. It turned out it was a six.

The argument lasted for an hour or more it seems.

I am looking forward to the next tournament.

Congratulations to halal angaray for winning, and also to umadbro for trying their best, as runnerups.

Azadi cup 2016 tournament update #2


We are hoping to win the quarterfinal match vs shaheen tonight. It’s at 11:30pm.

If we win we will play a semi final tomorrow.

The other match tonight is pakistani zalmi vs kashmiri qalandars.

Tomorrow, halal angaray and u mad bro are automatically in the semi finals, so the two teams that win tonight will play them in the semi finals.

I hope it will be a good and successful night 😉


Azadi cup tournament 2016 update

Azadi cup launchers first match

Hello and Salam everyone,

Launchers played their first match yesterday night, and we ended up losing.

There were a few issues with the team.

Rizwan bhai and Asif Zubairi bhai were not there.

We had two substitues, Faizan and Sajid bhai.

I batted made around 10-15 runs, then got out by the ball of Basit. He bowled me.

Asif bhai played somewhat good, but he got out too, I believe catch out, maybe i’m wrong.

Ehsan bhai got out early as well, maybe within 5 runs.

We scored 98, 99 was to win.

Our bowling was a little weak, so we ended up losing.

There were 24 runs needed in 2 overs. The second last over was mine.

I got hit with two sixes or three sixes, then Minaj bowled the last over, and Halal Angaray needed 5 to win. I think Majid hit a four and a six to win.

We still have two matches to go, so we are hopeful that we can recover. Also there might be the original players returning for the second batch of matches.

Our team squad is:

Team Launchers


A.samad ( c )

Asif Jan

Rizwan Shuja

Isaac Khan

Anser Quraishi



Asif zubari


Rahim sha

Reserve ( Faizan Ali )

Reserve ( Sajid khan )

Reserve ( Ali Hasan )

Azadi cup tournament 2016 to start on Friday

azadi cup starting

Hello everyone,

The azadi cup tournament is starting on friday.

There are 8 teams competing.

For more information, check out the facebook event @

Hopefully launchers will clinch the win 🙂

Azadi cup 2016

azadi cup 2016 practice

Hello everyone,

Tonight was the second practice session for the azadi cup. We had one last Saturday as well.

It was good and fun, I think everyone enjoyed it.

Hopefully it will be a good tournament coming up. 🙂

Some new tournament 2016

Hello everyone,

We won a match last Saturday and lost one against Kashmiris.

Tonight we have two matches.

My team is the launchers.

Hopefully it will be fun and we’ll win both of the matches.

Ramadan tournament 2016

It’s just an update.

Umadbro won the ramadan tournament 2016. They played vs the Halal bros.

They won pretty easily.

I think Mani bhai got around 4 wickets, and he scored a lot of runs when he batted as well.

Congrats umadbro.

June 2016 tournament


Launchers played a quarterfinal vs u mad bro. I hit three sixes in that match when batting, but we only made 50 to win.

The umadbro caught up and won, but it was a close match.

Good luck to all those still in the tournament.