Azadi cup 2016

azadi cup 2016 practice

Hello everyone,

Tonight was the second practice session for the azadi cup. We had one last Saturday as well.

It was good and fun, I think everyone enjoyed it.

Hopefully it will be a good tournament coming up. 🙂

Some new tournament 2016

Hello everyone,

We won a match last Saturday and lost one against Kashmiris.

Tonight we have two matches.

My team is the launchers.

Hopefully it will be fun and we’ll win both of the matches.

Ramadan tournament 2016

It’s just an update.

Umadbro won the ramadan tournament 2016. They played vs the Halal bros.

They won pretty easily.

I think Mani bhai got around 4 wickets, and he scored a lot of runs when he batted as well.

Congrats umadbro.

June 2016 tournament


Launchers played a quarterfinal vs u mad bro. I hit three sixes in that match when batting, but we only made 50 to win.

The umadbro caught up and won, but it was a close match.

Good luck to all those still in the tournament.

April 2016 tournament

Hello everyone,

I did not play in this tournament as I had a heel injury. My team won though, with hamid bhai playing instead of me.

They did really well throughout the tournament, and they deserved to win.

Asif bhai, and Ehsan bhai did exceptionally well.

Looking forward to the next tournament, as I have recovered from the heel injury.

Super six tournament 2015

Hello everyone,

So the cricket tournament, the super six tournament, well, my team launchers made it to the finals. We lost in the finals.

So the quarterfinals were held last Friday, then the semi finals and the final were held on Saturday.

Our team lost by 9 runs in the final. I got bowled out. I took a hattrick in the semi final on Saturday.

We were very close to winning.

The winning team was kashmiri XI. They played very well. Their batting and bowling were both strong.

Three or four tournaments

Hello everyone,

There have been three or four tournaments continuously.

The latest one is ongoing right now, called the super six tournament.

Yesterday, we won one of our matches, lost the first one.

It was good that I could contribute in the match to win the last match.

We needed 3 runs on 1 ball, and I surprisingly hit a four and so we won.

There was the ramadan tournament in June 2015. The kashmir club won that.

There was a tournament in 2014, which was the ramadan tournament as well. I don’t remember who won that. Maybe it was launchers. Our team. Actually I Don’t think we won that, it might have been gunday.

Then there was a tapeball tournament in January 2014, black launchers our team won that.

Then there was the tapeball azaadi tournament, in August 2015, ghouri won that.

Now it’s the super six tournament.

UPS cricket tournament

Hello all

Just wanted to update, that nothing much is going on. Although, I am going to a UPS cricket tournament tonight, where I hope to have fun and play cricket. I hope my team wins. We cannot wait to see what turns out of this great event.

Laters! 🙂